Google Ads Management For Roofing Company

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Google Ads Management For Roofing Company

What Are Roofing Google Ads?

Google Ads, previously called Google AdWords, primarily signifies Google’s online advertising platform. However, it can also refer to a specific ad displayed on Google search results or across their display network. In the case of roofing companies, a Google advertisement specifically promotes roofing services within a specified service area.

PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising With Google Ads

Google AdWords is a type of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. It’s Google’s version of PPC that enables your ad to appear on relevant search engine results pages (SERPs). For instance, if you run a roofing company in Muncie, Indiana, when someone in that area uses their computer to search for terms like “roofers in Muncie” or “roof repair near me,” your ad could be displayed.

Through Google Ads management for roofing company, an ad promoting your business could appear prominently at the top of the search results list, which would garner you a ton of clicks. Instead of investing months in trying to rise to the top of search rankings, you have the option to pay for an ad that will show near the top of the results page for relevant searches.

Why Roofers Purchase

Google AdWords Clicks

Running a thriving roofing business relies on visibility. It’s essential to ensure people know about your company and the services you offer. Especially in the digital era, visibility often translates to appearing on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

And for a new roofing company, achieving visibility on the first page and near the top of SERPs can be challenging. However, while it’s difficult, it’s not unattainable. Many savvy business owners opt for Google Ads (sometimes called Google AdWords or AdWords) to assist them in gaining attention from potential customers, especially during their initial stages.

Opting for Google Ads management for roofing company is a wise decision with significant advantages, which we’ll delve into shortly. If you’re considering using AdWords to market your business, it’s worth continuing to read on. In this guide, we will elucidate how AdWords operates and how you can harness its potential to attract more customers for your roofing business.

Why Are

Google Ads Important?

As mentioned earlier, the majority of individuals need to work hard to reach the desired top position (or a nearby one) on SERPs. The top search outcomes receive nearly all the clicks and, as a result, have the best opportunity to turn potential customers into actual ones. This offers numerous significant benefits to small businesses, including:

Immediate Exposure

During your initial stages, gaining maximum visibility is crucial. While organic SEO might require several months, utilizing Google AdWords enables you to swiftly attain a top position in search rankings and catch the attention of your local audience.

Ad Targeting

Using Google AdWords, you can ensure that the advertisements you invest in reach individuals who are highly inclined to require or desire your roofing services. You can focus on specific audiences based on their location, age, particular keywords, and even schedule your ad to appear during specific times of the day.

Pay Per Click

Google AdWords operates on a pay-per-click basis. This signifies that you are only charged by Google when someone clicks on your ad, not for each instance your ad is showcased.

Market Insight

When you use Adwords, you gain access to statistics illustrating the performance of your ads. This information offers valuable market insights, revealing details such as the individuals clicking on your ads and those who are engaging with them.

Getting Started

With Google Adwords

Setting up is quite straightforward, as the prompts will lead you through the entire process. To initiate your first campaign, simply sign up here. We won’t delve into the obvious sign-up steps. Instead, we’ll offer guidance on refining the nuances of your ad campaign setup.

Geographic Location

As previously mentioned, Google Ads are beneficial for roofers due to their capability to direct ads to a particular area. Given the localized nature of your roofing business, this feature is valuable. In the setup process, under the “Location” option, you can input a particular city name to ensure your ad reaches individuals in that city. If you choose the “Advanced Search” option, you can enhance your targeting by utilizing postal codes or regions. Additionally, you have the option to designate a specific radius in miles within which you want your ad to appear, starting from your actual location.

Search and Display Networks

You’ll also get to decide whether your ads appear on the Display Network or the Search Network. For new roofing businesses, the Search Network is recommended as it guarantees your ad displays on pertinent searches directly on the Google page. On the other hand, Display Network ads are visible on sites affiliated with Google ads, outside of the actual Google search page.

Keyword Selection 

The subsequent challenge that many individuals face involves selecting keywords. These are the search terms that activate the appearance of your ads, so careful selection is vital. Reflect on your popular services and contemplate how people might search for them.

Choosing Target

Keyword Terms

In Google Ads, you have several choices for picking keywords, like broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, and exact match.

Broad match 

Enables your ad to appear on searches somewhat linked to your primary keyword. This widens your reach, but the drawback is that your ad could reach individuals who aren’t truly interested in roofing services.

Broad Match Modifier 

Works by adding a “+” before the keyword. If a search includes the phrase following the plus sign, your ad will be displayed.

Phrase Match

Your ad will appear exclusively on searches that precisely match the order of your typed phrase. For example, if one of your phrase match terms is “shingle repair Des Moines,” your ad won’t be shown to individuals searching for “Des Moines shingle repair service.”

Exact Match

Your ad will only show up when someone performs a search that precisely matches your listed keywords.

For local roofers, opting for the broad match modifier is likely the best choice for most keywords.

Landing Page

Optimization For Google Ads

Additionally, you need to consider where the visitor lands after clicking your Google ad. This is referred to as a landing page, and here are some vital pointers for creating a successful landing page:

Make it Relevant

To a great extent, ensure the landing page aligns with the ad. If your ad highlights your shingle replacement service, the landing page it directs to should focus on shingle replacement, not new roof installation.


Ensure that the content on your landing page is skillfully written. Aim for around 350-400 words of content.

Calls to Action

Your landing page must feature a captivating headline and a compelling call to action. Since many visitors who read your headline will also read your call to action, ensure it motivates them to take action – ideally, contacting you for the desired service or a quote for the work they need.

At AlphaClose Marketing, we leverage our extensive roofing expertise to enhance search engine optimization for roofers. Through our tailored internet marketing approaches and genuine commitment to delivering tangible outcomes, we are dedicated to boosting your roofing business with increased revenue, incoming phone calls, and requests for quotes.