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Google Ads is an excellent tool for attracting personal injury clients at a local, regional, and national level. Which other marketing tool can get you to the very top of Google’s search results almost instantly? With the right setup, you could get results from pay per click ads tomorrow. Micro-moments and high-intent searches can be easily captured by including the right keywords in your ad groups.

So why do so many personal injury attorneys steer clear of Google Ads? It might be because they’ve wasted thousands to millions of dollars targeting irrelevant search terms and have a misguided understanding of the platform. Personal injury attorney Google Ads management has many moving parts, so it’s easy to get wrong when you’re new to PPC or have an agency partner who doesn’t specialize in Google Ads (needless to say, you shouldn’t expect a full-service agency dabbling in a little bit of everything to know every aspect of Google Ads).

Don’t be afraid of Google Ads. As a company focused on personal injury attorney Google Adwords management, we can tell you that AdWords marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your target audience and promote your services.

Of course, it requires structuring your account and ads correctly — something AlphaClose has been doing for years in the legal PPC space. With the skyrocketing costs of personal injury attorney keywords in recent times, you can use an experienced set of eyes to ensure that you’re doing AdWords right.

Check out this screenshot provided by a client. It shows the expected value of new cases generated by AlphaClose for an auto accident campaign and workers comp campaign combined. Notice the amazing ratio between ad spend and total expected case value at the bottom.

Excel sheet data
Why Your Personal Injury

Google Ads Campaign Keeps Failing?

The personal injury PPC landscape is extremely competitive. Even a single mistake can lead to wasteful spending and bring your competitor to the top of Google Ads search listings. If you’re struggling to get a positive ROI from pay per click marketing, chances are you’re making some of the mistakes below.

You’re Targeting Generic Keywords?

The most common mistake in PPC campaigns of law firms is generic keyword targeting. By generic, we mean terms like “lawyer” or “attorney.” Such queries don’t work because they don’t’ segment for the type of lawyer a person is looking for.

These keywords also have a much higher search volume and empty your budget quickly. Even adding a location modifier to a keyword does not help because searches like ‘lawyer near me’ still do not tell you anything about the type of legal help a person requires.

Ideally, your law firm PPC campaigns should be designed around keywords directly related to personal injury cases (motor vehicle accident, wrongful death, premises liability, etc.). A personal injury lawyer PPC management can help you narrow your focus and identify the keywords with the highest likelihood of conversion.

Even if you don’t get as many clicks with these keywords, you’re still one up on those targeting generic terms.

You’re Casting Too Wide a Net?

You may hold a license to practice law across the state or multiple states, but the average client is looking for a lawyer near them. Some people will travel up to 25 miles to meet a lawyer, but the 25-mile number is just a rule of thumb. This is the distance people willing to travel, but not every time.

A solution is to let geography inform your location targeting. For example, if you reside where the nearest city is more than 30 miles away, you can expand your targeting. If you decide to stretch your targeting further, we recommend reducing bids for locations outside the 25-mile radius.

Your Website Doesn’t

Resonate With The Audience?

Many people do not understand the nature of the work lawyers do, so they get intimidated. This might be an advantage to you in the courtroom, but it is a disadvantage when winning new clients. The fact is truer for younger generations. A website full of stock photos and bland copy is going to turn PPC visitors away faster than you could count them.

Or you may not have a boring website, but when it comes to turning paid traffic into leads, even the best sites cannot compete with an optimized landing page. CPCs are already expensive for law firm PPC advertisers, so even a 10% increase in conversion rate can mean thousands of dollars saved and many leads churning in per year. Plus, landing pages determine the Quality Score of your ads. Higher quality scores translate into more conversions for your business.

Improving your landing pages (and consequently, Quality Score) is one of the best moves you can make for your personal injury marketing campaign. If you’re not sure about your existing pages or want help with building new, targeted ones from scratch, getting guidance from personal injury pay per click management specialists can bring good results.

Are Your

After Hour Bids Are Too High?

Many factors make your after-hour leads less valuable than those that come in during business hours.

One of them is the fact that people mostly conduct research post business hours. And because most offices are closed at that time, they also do not expect anyone to reach out to them during those hours and expect a response the next day. Therefore, they don’t convert into a lead straightaway.

Prospective leads, however, may take down your information and reach out during your business hours. This means you will have lower conversion rates because it will take more clicks to get a lead after hours.

Even if a click turns into a lead after hours, the phone calls will go to an answering service. Answering services are great to catch a potential customer’s interest after hours, but they are still not as effective as talking to an attorney or their secretary. You do not want to pay the same amount of money for leads that your team cannot entertain in the first place.

A great way to safeguard your Google Ads budget is to build an ad schedule and make time-based bid adjustments. With our personal injury attorney PPC management service, making bid adjustments is a breeze. Our specialists can help you break your ad schedule up into normal business hours, evening and night hours, and weekend hours, as well as advice on what bid adjustment to make for each schedule in order to get qualified leads.

You’re A

Victim Of Click Fraud?

Click fraud could be another reason why you’re seeing a low Google Ads ROI. This is when an adversary exhausts your budget by clicking on your ads again and again. This could be a former employee or a competitor who doesn’t want to see you succeed.

Click fraud is very common in law firm PPC marketing, and even though Google’s algorithms have gotten better at detecting click fraud, there’s always a risk. Some adversaries rotate IP addresses and hide behind VPNs to keep their activity hidden.

If you find that your Google Ads PPC budget is draining fast, you might be a victim of click fraud. Fortunately, personal injury Google Adwords management from AlphaClose includes detection and prevention of click fraud to minimize the damage to your campaigns. Don’t let competitors discourage you from running PPC ads for your firm. They work!

Jorden Shaw Personal Injury

Attorney PPC Management?

When your cost per click is so high, you want to make the most of each click. We specialize in designing high-converting personal injury PPC campaigns for attorneys and law firms. Most of our campaigns revolve around pre-qualifying leads by managing user expectations. We help clients create ad copy that sets expectations that plaintiffs need to meet certain criteria in order for the law firm to take the case.

AlphaClose’s personal injury attorney pay per click management is also suitable for high-growth law firms. We assist such companies in outbidding their competitor’s law firm with smart ad design and copy. With informative, eye-catching ads, our clients often get the prospects looking at their competitors to reconsider their choice of law firm. Our approach is informed by data insights and we make continuous optimizations to supercharge our clients’ campaigns.

Keyword research

Identify a set of phrases and keywords that best reflects a client firm’s focus and the audiences they serve.

Advance targeting

Target keywords, interests, geographical locations, and more to generate qualified leads.

Landing page optimization

Tweak website landing pages with on-target messaging, imagery, and CTAs to engage and convert personal injury clients.


Serve follow-up ads to previous visitors to stay on the top of their minds.

Call tracking

Learn which ad, keyword, or campaign resulted in a phone call to your business.

Local service ads

Appear in sponsored listings on top of SERPs and pay for leads rather than clicks on your ad.

And more…

Why Choose AlphaClose Marketing

For Personal Injury PPC Management?

Stay on budget

Never overspend on PPC. We monitor your bids and CPC to make sure your budget remains under control.

No long-term contract

Don’t get locked into a contract. Utilize personal injury Google Ads management as and when you need it.

15-years experience

Our personal injury Google Ads specialists have over fifteen years of experience in campaign management.