Google Ads Management For Dentists

Lightning Fast Results

Google Ads Management for Dentists

Get Noticed Through Google Ads Management For Dentists

Accelerate New Patient Acquisition With Google Ads

Focus on patients seeking your services online. Nowadays, more and more patients are starting their search for a doctor on the internet. We use Google Ads and other digital aspects to bring these patients to your practice.

Away from Spam

Tracking Technology Quantifies Each Patient

We developed our Call Tracking software to monitor which calls result in patients. Thanks to our Dynamic Number Placement technology, you can pinpoint the calls that originate from your Google Ads

Scheduling Technology

Streamlines The Booking Process

Our online appointment scheduling lets patients book directly into your Practice Management Software. We integrate with your Practice Management Software so patients can easily schedule appointments in your calendar. We also have the ability to trace each appointment back to the specific keywords and campaigns that led to them

We Know We Deliver Results,

So We Have Full Transparency

We stand out as the sole Google partner that provides a list of patients who schedule appointments with their names. This covers both phone calls and appointment forms. Our report consistently highlights the specific patients who were booked through Ads, along with the expense for acquiring each of them. Instead of relying on metrics like clicks, impressions, or cost per click, we focus on the expense of gaining each patient and the ROI from these patients.

Focus On Services

Focus On Services That Drive ROI

Since we follow every patient’s path within your practice, we can identify the keywords that generate more income. Consequently, we emphasize using those keywords that result in higher ROI services at your facility.

No Automation

Because We Cater To You

We start all our campaigns from the beginning and regularly refine them each month. Unlike some Google ad agencies that use automated systems, we recognize the uniqueness of each practice. We tailor your ad campaign to suit your patient demographics, target location, competition, strengths, and more. Everything is personalized just for you and your practice.


We Don't Believe In Auto-Pilot

Often, when a campaign is doing well, some agencies leave it be and move on to other clients. Not us! We believe in taking action rather than waiting. Every month, we review negative keywords and search term reports together. We add ad extensions, pause underperforming ads, adjust ad text to showcase your offers, and ensure your ads maintain a quality score of 7 or higher.