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With decades of combined experience, Google certifications, and a laser-focused emphasis on maximizing your ROAS, AlphaClose is a top Email Marketing Agency located in Ohio. We deliver email campaigns that nurture prospects and move them down the sales funnel. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending your first email newsletter or just looking for a new email marketing service. 

AlphaClose Marketing has helped countless clients across a broad swath of industries harness the power of email to inbox directly to target customers. Our team can help you drive sales, gain subscribers, remarket, drive awareness, and hit KPIs you’re using to measure email marketing success. Let AlphaClose Marketing build toward your email marketing success.

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Email marketing is far more complex than people realize. Between governmental bodies that regulate email marketing behavior, and best email marketing practices, there is a lot to consider when maximizing the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. AlphaClose Marketing’s remarkable success in email marketing is attributable to our ability to stay on top of regulations (such as the CAN-SPAM Act) and leverage best practices. The AlphaClose email marketing team also harnesses advanced automation technology like Klaviyo to ensure your emails get delivered to the correct audience at the correct time. 

Our processes for building and maintaining email lists, understanding ISP reputations, and navigating email marketing regulations provide clients with the intelligence necessary to inbox directly to target consumers with every mail drop. Without proper guidance, you may find yourself wasting precious resources on mail drops that don’t inbox and aren’t effective. With AlphaClose as your email marketing partner, your deliverability will be optimized, and your messaging will be effective.

Expert Campaign Management From

Top Email Marketing Specialists

AlphaClose Marketing campaign managers all share a simple philosophy: your success is our success. That’s why we’ll stay with you every step of the way – from IO execution, to list building, to creative drafting, through to the mail drop and finally to analysis – to ensure that your email marketing initiatives are as effective as possible. The process begins with understanding your business and your email marketing goals. 

  • Who are your target customers? 
  • What are your email marketing goals? 
  • How can we effectively communicate with your customers via email and hit those goals? 
  • What KPIs can we use to measure our success and make sense of our failures?


Our account managers will be with you through every step of the process to answer these questions and guide you effectively. We will design and A/B test email creative for you to understand what sort of messaging is most effective. We will do large mail drops to clean lists and ultimately parse through the data to figure out what we did wrong, what we did right, and how we can improve moving forward.

Email marketing services
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Email Marketing Services For Our Clients

At AlphaClose Marketing, we partner with countless clients to help them strengthen and reinforce their web presence. Email marketing campaigns can be incredibly effective when implemented properly. However, there are a lot of considerations and obstacles that make email campaigns very challenging. Don’t go at it by yourself. Our email marketing agency can motivate your customers and drive your business to new heights.